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Babolat C-Drive 105 French Open

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Babolat C-Drive 105 French Open

C-Drive is the latest in a series of tennis rackets for beginners and enthusiasts Babolat. "C-Drive 105" model with features, fully recommended for anyone just starting to train or average.
Size of the head is 105 sq.foot and weighs 264 grams, and by adding and attractive price, all this makes rocket suitable choice.
The difference between models C-Drive 105 and C-Drive 102 is that 105-inch is slightly larger head and it's easier to generate power in strikes, while the C-Drive 102 control is slightly better.
At 105 C-Drive technology is used, which, thanks to technology CDS (Cortex Damping Systemkoyato filter and collects unwanted vibrations at impact.
Parameters and properties of the missile makes it suitable for both adults and juniors who make the transition from childhood to these rackets for adults.

  • Manufacturer: Babolat
  • Weight: 0.300 Kgs

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Price: 215.00лв.
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Length: 68.5 cm / 27 inches
Head Size: 105 in. ²
Weight : 264 g
Created by: Graphite
String Pattern: 16 x 20


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