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Technology used by Babolat


Technology used by Babolat

 Babolat Aero Modular Technology

Improved technology to build the frame of the rocket, and emphasizes the following three sections - head, handle and the throat of the racquet. The advantages are faster swing due to better aerodynamics while maintaining excellent control of the crash. With 10% less drag than traditional frames of rockets.

 Babolat Cortex

Of Babolat Cortex System serves to reduce vibration in the handle and provide greater comfort during the game. Both parts of the racquet are actively linked via the CDS (Cortex Damping System), which filters and collects vibration at impact and increases the sense of the ball. When the ball touches the strings of the racket, sending vibrations of the strings and then kav your hand. Some of these vibrations have a lower frequency and create discomfort, others have a higher frequency and are called. good vibrations by helping to better feel when playing. System CDS (Cortex Damping System) filter these unwanted vibrations.

 Babolat Graphite Tungsten

GT or technology for Graphite Tungsten is the use of a hybrid material that contains woven carbon fibers and tungsten filaments. This material improves performance of the rocket due to the concentration of these fibers and filaments located in strategic parts of the frame itself. The main advantages of GT technology have improved control and feel at impact. Thanks to GT add 10% to attack power.

 Babolat Woofer

Dynamic system that makes sure that the frame and strings interact when crash. Generally, only a few fibers of the strings are active in shock, which means that the rocket did not use its full potential. The use of fiber technology Woofer all work together and use the full potential absolutely the punch. Thanks to all fiber Woofer system of strings moving. The entire surface responds to impact many more fibers interact, increasing the sweetspot-and seen to absorb more of the vibrations received are in contact with the ball. Increasing the "trampoline effect" - by Woofer technology deformation of the strings is much larger during the impact, and this leads to 10% extra power.

 Babolat Side Cortex

System CDS (Cortex Damping System), which filters and collects vibration at impact, is situated on both sides of the frame of the rocket.

Babolat Xtra Sweetspot

Xtra Sweetspot technology provides you a larger sweetspot (area on the strings on which the ball bounces better) and increasing the "trampoline effect", ie more power. This is achieved thanks to the additional plastic parts, the sides of the rocket.


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