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Terms & Conditions

These are our terms of use.
2. "Tennis Pro" Ltd. is a company, UIC 131312044, with its registered office in Sofia Izgrev Street N.Mirchev 27 (/ Park Hotel in Moscow), e-mail: sales@tennisprobg.com

Limitation of Liability:

TENNISPROBG.COM cared for information in the store to always maintain accurate and current, but does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the same.
TENNISPROBG.COM not liable for not providing access to the store and not an inadvertent processing or handling of requests for purchase in the event of circumstances beyond his control - cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the global Internet network and provision of services outside the control of TENNISPROBG.COM.
TENNISPROBG.COM not guarantee that access to the store will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free of errors, far exceeds the capacity, control and will of TENNISPROBG.COM.
Since TENNISPROBG.COM has no ability to change, control or otherwise influence the quality and suitability for use of goods requested by the Client, TENNISPROBG.COM not responsible for their compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and their attributes.
TENNISPROBG.COM not be liable for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, downloaded or used in any manner by TENNISPROBG.COM.
Since no objective possibility and obligation and does not control the websites and resources made available through TENNISPROBG.COM set in and the client profile of customer electronic links and banners, TENNISPROBG.COM not responsible for the illegal nature of the content and materials in these websites and resources. TENNISPROBG.COM not be liable for any damages or lost profits arising from the use, dostapa or falsehood of such material and content.
TENNISPROBG.COM no obligation and objective ability to control how the customer uses the store.

Rights and obligations of the Customer

Customer shall:
• indicate the correct and valid telephone, shipping address and email address for correspondence;
• to pay the price of goods declared by him;
• pay the cost of delivery;
• to receive the goods;
• to take all care and take the necessary measures that are reasonably imposed to protect your password;
• not divulge to third parties your password and secret answer to the question and immediately notify TENNISPROBG.COM in case of unauthorized access to your client profile, as well as the likelihood of such;
• recognizing the specificity of Internet protocols and security of data protection password to terminate the session at which he entered in your customer profile by pressing the virtual button "exit".
• not to submit false or invalid queries or other false information.
Customer bears full responsibility for protecting their password and for all acts performed by him or a third party using her
By accepting these Terms, the Customer agrees to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes. Customer may object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending written notice to those TENNISPROBG.COM address or e-mail contact (sales@tennisprobg.com).


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    For the delivery services we use courier cumpany, and you can pay on hand.</div>
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    For more information, please call us: <b>0888 76 89 92</b></div>

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