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string Pro's Pro Cyber Power 1.25 white 200m

This innovative Japanese high-tech-string offers a perfect combination of superlative properties: superior durablility, perfect control, optimised shock absoption, ultimate feeling and no loss of tension. No slipping. Especially developed for high demanding tournament players. Gauges:1.25. Colours: White
Price: 74.00лв.

Pros Pro Comet Grip - mixed

Excellent vibration damping, excellent grip, durability, and "sticky" feeling distinguish this super absorbent overgrip. It offers at the same time a high level of comfort, very good grip control as well as the best feeling. With removable foil. Incl. finishing tape. Thickness: 0.70 mm.
Price: 60.00лв.

string PRO'S PRO BLACKOUT 12 m 1.24

Innovative high-tech co-polyester string with pentagonal cross section. This unique profile provides crucial extra spin and control. This string does not slip, no loss of tension and provides an excellent performance. Extremely durable. Designed for demanding tournament players. Gauge: 1.24. Colour: black
Price: 7.00лв.

Bathing caps

Silicone swim cap
Price: 6.00лв.

Racket Pro's Pro Pro's Pro CX-110 L 2

Because of the good playability particularly well suited for beginners, recreational and club players. Forgiving oversize. The bridge in the heart area provides additional stability. Strung. Incl. cover. Head size: 110 in² = 710 cm², Weight unstrung: approx. 290 grams, Length: 685 mm.
Price: 39.00лв.

Pro's Pro GTacky mixed

Excellent adhesion, optimal control, and durability are hallmarks of this very thin, very absorbent overgrip. The good vibration damping guarantees comfort. With removable foil. Incl.finishing tape. Thickness: 0.50 mm.
Price: 45.00лв.

Balls Pro's Pro Practice 60-pack

Very robust, pressureless training ball for an absolute super price. Unlimited shelf life. Suitable for all surfaces. A little softer than conventional pressure-less balls. Very good for the youth and novice training. Ball Color: yellow.
Price: 1.70лв.


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